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About The Spinal Cord Stimulator:

Providing access to Full-Body MRI Scans, Precision Montage delivers Multiple Waveforms, all powered by Illumina 3D. No longer compromise Pain Relief for Full-Body MRI — Precision Montage MRI couples the most advanced programming proven to provide excellent pain relief and Full-Body MRI.

Pain is dynamic, and every patient is unique. With the MultiWave Platform, you can offer customized pain relief using Waveforms that are as unique as your patient’s pain. Each waveform can be precisely targeted using our Illumina 3D Algorithm, and delivered through a system that offers your patients safe access to Full-Body MRI scans.

The Precision Montage™ MRI SCS System provides safe access to Full-Body MRI Scans only when used and exposed to the MRI environment under the specific conditions defined in the ImageReady MRI Full-Body Guidelines for Precision Montage™ MRI Spinal Cord Stimulator System.

HFX iQ™, the only AI-based spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system that gets smarter over time by learning from chronic pain patients’ responses.

Acute back pain causes more disability around the world than any other condition and a quarter of U.S. adults report that they have experienced back pain within the past three months. Furthermore, more Americans are impacted by chronic pain than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. Each person’s experience with chronic pain is unique, and even people who have achieved significant pain relief sometimes have difficulty maintaining that relief over time.

HFX iQ is the first and only Artificial Intelligence-based SCS system that learns from patients. It was developed to address the variability in pain from patient to patient and to help patients optimize and maintain long-term pain relief and improved quality of life. The HFX iQ system is comprised of the HFX iQ Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG), HFX Trial Stimulator, Charger, and HFX App, and has algorithms specifically for treating chronic back and leg pain, including non-surgical back pain and painful diabetic neuropathy.

Like “Blue,” Proclaim Plus spinal cord stimulation (SCS) with FlexBurst360 builds on the revolutionary advancements offered by BurstDR. Rather than tonic treatment — in SCS, simply speaking it’s the idea of a consistent and constant pounding of electrical impulses that can leave a person with an unpleasant tingling — the key and the clue to the BurstDR invention is in its name. Bursts — or packets of electricity, tailored to your needs, if you will again — are coordinated and correlated rhythms of pain relief to multiple sites in the body that can stir hardened feelings from years of living with pain with the sensation of a new possibility: The potential for living without severe pain. Program it how you need, it’s still Proclaim Plus, still FlexBurst360, still BurstDR.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SCS work?

You feel pain when nerves send pain signals through your spinal cord to your brain. Your spinal cord stimulator (SCS) system is designed to interrupt these signals, so you don’t perceive them as pain.


Learn More: https://www.pain.com/en/chronic-pain-solutions/spinal-cord-stimulation/what-to-expect-from-scs.html

Who should get a Spinal Cord Stimulator?

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) therapy is used to treat different kinds of chronic pain – pain lasting six months or more. This can include pain in the back, legs, and feet, or a combination of different pain areas. Boston Scientific’s SCS systems are indicated for people with conditions causing pain, including failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS), Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), radicular pain syndrome, and more. A pain management specialist can tell you if SCS therapy may be right for you.


Learn More: https://www.pain.com/en/chronic-pain-solutions/spinal-cord-stimulation/what-to-expect-from-scs.html


Are there different kinds of SCS therapies?

Yes, some therapies replace your pain with a tingling sensation. Others use a type of stimulation you don’t feel at all. With the WaveWriter Alpha SCS System, you can choose the therapy that works best for you — or use both at the same time.


Learn More: https://www.pain.com/en/chronic-pain-solutions/spinal-cord-stimulation/what-to-expect-from-scs.html

Can I get diagnostic imaging with this system?

The WaveWriter Alpha SCS System allows for conditional full body MRI scans.


Learn More: https://www.pain.com/en/chronic-pain-solutions/spinal-cord-stimulation/what-to-expect-from-scs.html


Are there multiple battery options with SCS?

Spinal cord stimulators are powered by batteries that are either rechargeable or non-rechargeable. Your doctor will help you choose which one is best for you. The WaveWriter Alpha SCS System offers both chargeable and non-rechargeable stimulators, so you can choose the right battery for you without compromising your therapy options.


Learn More: https://www.pain.com/en/chronic-pain-solutions/spinal-cord-stimulation/what-to-expect-from-scs.html



Do I use my SCS system 24 hours a day?

It’s up to you and your doctor when to use SCS therapy and how much to use. The Boston Scientific SCS Systems and the rechargeable battery technology are designed so that you can keep it on 24 hours a day. However, you should always consult your doctor first.


Learn More: https://www.pain.com/en/chronic-pain-solutions/spinal-cord-stimulation/what-to-expect-from-scs.html


Will it be visible under my skin? Will I feel the implant?

Unless you tell someone you have it, they’d never know. The Boston Scientific SCS stimulators feature contoured oval shapes. Your doctor can position it in the most comfortable and convenient location for you. Some patients report that they can feel the unit by pressing on their skin. In many cases, it is not visible to others.


Learn More: https://www.pain.com/en/chronic-pain-solutions/spinal-cord-stimulation/what-to-expect-from-scs.html


How big is the implanted device?
Can I control the SCS therapy?

Yes. The Boston Scientific SCS System has a wireless remote control that lets you turn stimulation on and off, increase and decrease the level of stimulation, and target different pain areas using settings or programs customized by your doctor specifically for you.


Learn More: https://www.pain.com/en/chronic-pain-solutions/spinal-cord-stimulation/what-to-expect-from-scs.html


How long will my spinal cord stimulator and battery last?

The Boston Scientific SCS System uses powerful rechargeable battery technology that carries a five-year warranty, but they may last even longer.


Learn More: https://www.pain.com/en/chronic-pain-solutions/spinal-cord-stimulation/what-to-expect-from-scs.html



How convenient is it to recharge the implant battery?

Recharging the implant battery is designed to be very simple. The charger is lightweight, wireless, and portable, so you can charge on the go. Either an adhesive patch or soft cloth belt (included with the charger) can be used to help place the charger over the device.


Learn More: https://www.pain.com/en/chronic-pain-solutions/spinal-cord-stimulation/what-to-expect-from-scs.html


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