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Rochester Brain & Spine is dedicated to the evaluation and management of disorders of and injuries to the adult cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. We offer comprehensive spine care in a private and personalized setting.  We strive to deliver individualized, multi-disciplinary care to our patients, from the time of the initial evaluation and diagnosis, to treatment and through recovery.

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic disorders of the spine. These include degenerative conditions such as cervical and lumbar disc herniation’s, cervical myelopathy, spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis,  as well as  fractures, infections and tumors. Treating both the more common conditions of the spine as well as the more complex conditions usually treated at tertiary care institutions. Rochester Brain & Spine has developed the reputation for clinical and surgical excellence. Rochester Brain & Spine has likewise developed a reputation for helping many patients who had tried and failed multiple operative and non-operative procedures in the past.

Rochester Brain & Spine offers the full range of non-operative (conservative) and modern surgical management for most conditions of the adult spine. When possible, the most conservative, non-surgical approach is utilized. This may involve physical therapy and rehabilitation, diagnostic and therapeutic injections, pain management or other non-surgical treatment methods. When surgery is needed, Rochester Brain & Spine utilizes established, safe and effective surgical treatment methods, often employing the latest techniques and advanced technologies to minimize the invasiveness of surgery.

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Seth M. Zeidman, MD
Dr. Jared Anderson, DC
Emily Lapp, PA-C
Libby Jefferson PA-C
John Rosengreen PA-C
Sara Brandel PA-C
Seth Billington, NP

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